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1616 East 10th Street
Phone: (605) 332-4829

3220 West 57th Street Suite 104
Phone: (605) 361-5311

Welcome to the website of Ness Tax and Bookkeeping Service!

Voted The Local Best 8 years in a row, Ness Tax and Bookkeeping Service has become a trusted leader in the Sioux Falls community providing income tax preparation and bookkeeping services for clients throughout the Sioux Empire. Ness Tax and Bookkeeping Service is the Dave Ramsey Endorsed Local Provider for income tax and bookkeeping services in the Sioux Falls area.

I opened Ness Tax and Bookkeeping Service on East 10th Street in 1999 after I had worked for the Internal Revenue Service as a tax auditor for almost 8 years. While I was working at the IRS, I completed my MBA through the University of South Dakota in 1997. I am also an Enrolled Agent which allows me to represent clients before the Internal Revenue Service at any level despite the fact that our office may not have prepared the tax return in question. (An unenrolled return preparer is not granted the same status by the IRS.)

In 2005, Ness Tax opened a second location on West 57th Street to better serve the west side of the city. By specializing in individual and small business income tax law, I hope to help people better understand the tax laws to plan for their financial futures.

Ness Tax and Bookkeeping Service provides full-service, computerized bookkeeping using QuickBooks products. Payroll services, including state and federal employment and unemployment taxation, are available as part of a bookkeeping package which can be tailored to meet specific needs. Because of the demand of our current clients, we now also offer checks, forms, and promotional products to help today's entrepreneurs.

To show a long-term commitment to the community, we are members of the Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce and the Better Business Bureau.

You’re More Than Just a Number at Ness!! Give us a call or e-mail us. We’d love to help!

Thank you once again for visiting our site! We look forward to serving your needs.

Timothy Ness

At Ness Tax & Bookkeeping we understand that every client has different needs at tax time and throughout the rest of the year. That is why we are open year round and are ready to serve you no matter what your tax needs are.

    • Individual returns: your personal tax matters can be complex, stocks and bonds, interests and dividends, retirement accounts, young dependents and their education can all seem confusing at times. Congress and IRS change the rules every year.   Let Ness Tax take the frustration out of your taxes! We strive to provide the accuracy and stay on top of tax law changes as they develop. Our continuing education allows you to place your confidence in us as we work with you to prepare an accurate income tax return.

    • Business returns: whether you have a small home office, or you are an owner of a corporation, or a partner in a partnership, we can prepare your annual business tax return. We specialize in small business returns and want you to pay your fair share – but nothing more. We can help find those missing deductions that save you money.

    • Estate and trust returns: With the passing of a loved one or with the creation of a trust, informational reports need to be filed with the Internal Revenue Service. Often complex, remember we are here to help you during these trying and/or complicated times.

    • Non-profit organization return: Did you know more than 275,000 organizations lost their non-profit status in one year because they didn’t file these informational returns? Don’t be a statistic! Let us help you with your Form 990 so you can keep doing the good work from which so many benefit.

    • State tax return: We can prepare and file tax returns for all states. Contrary to what many think, tax preparation has no boundary and we help many people throughout our nation. Whether you come to our office or use fax, e-mail, or other technology to start this conversation, we can help you with federal and state tax returns.

Dealing with the IRS can be frustrating, confusing and intimidating. With your busy everyday life, it is difficult and stressful to keep on top of your tax problem. Yet if handled improperly, it can be costly. Come talk to us at Ness Tax and shift your stress and burden from your home to our office. We are local, so you don’t have to struggle with communicating with someone on the phone. We sit down and meet with you and help you find the best way to resolve your tax problem once and for all.







Owning and operating your business can be stressful. Why not do what you do best and focus on selling your product and growing your business. Ness Tax and Bookkeeping can manage your financial records for you. We prepare profit and loss statements, balance sheets, provide payroll services, prepare sales or excise taxes, and provide bank statement reconciliations. We help many small to mid-size businesses grow and are there to provide analysis and consulting when you need it.







Now you can also conveniently order these essential business products from our website.

    • Payroll check stocks
    • Tax forms (1099, W-2, etc.)
    • Stationary, custom printing, retail supplies
    • Promotional products

    Click here to order!


    Job description PDF

    Job application PDF


    Ness Tax and Bookkeeping Service is seeking individuals for part-time seasonal job opportunities. These individuals may work with partnership, corporate, limited liability company entities by performing bookkeeping services and/or income tax preparation. The ideal candidate would be a junior or senior accounting major with a class in income tax. Special consideration will be given to those who are bilingual with the ability to converse in English and in Spanish. No experience but interested? WE WILL TEACH! These will be temporary positions that start approximately January 15th and end April 16th. Ness Tax and Bookkeeping Service will offer a competitive wage and this experience may qualify for internship credit.

    Contact Tim Ness at 332-4829 to interview for these positions. Ness Tax and Bookkeeping Service is located at 1616 East 10th Street and at 3220 W 57th Street Ste. 104 in Sioux Falls, SD.

    Hear what previous interns have to say about Ness Tax and Bookkeeping Service.

    Nicole Bruns (Class of 2011)
    My experience at Ness Tax and Bookkeeping was definitely positive one.  For an internship overall it was a great experience to get the feeling of actually being in the industry and get a chance to see what I could be doing in the future.  Being at Ness gave me the opportunity to work with a wide variety of clientele and to use other talents that I have acquired throughout my education.  I was able to work with my knowledge of the Spanish language on Hispanic tax returns, other individual tax returns, and even business returns for partnerships and such.  I believe that my experience could have only been achieved at Ness.  I don’t think I would have gotten so many fantastic learning opportunities while working for a larger company as I did working for Tim and the gang.
    As the end of the season rolled around, I realized that it definitely means great things when you have such a large number of returning clientele year after year.  I do not believe that those clients come back every year for just a job well done on their returns; rather, they come back for the personal service they receive time and time again.  Overall, my time at Ness Tax and Bookkeeping was an experience that I will never forget!

    Olivia Hansen (Class of 2011)
    The internship at Ness Tax & Bookkeeping was a great experience. I gained so much knowledge in the tax field from the experienced tax professionals that work at Ness Tax & Bookkeeping. For anyone who is interested in the tax field, it is a great opportunity! After the tax season, I stayed on and was trained on the bookkeeping services the company also provides. This opportunity allowed me to gain a wonderful professional experience.

    Jennifer Anderson (Class of 2010)
    My internship with Ness Tax and Bookkeeping was a phenomenal learning experience.  The tax season flew by as I was constantly challenged with a wide variety of tax returns.  I learned something new each time I worked and gained experience that could not be replicated in a classroom setting.  I was able to work one-on-one with clients by preparing their returns, setting up appointments, and answering their tax related questions.  Since Ness Tax is a small business, the responsibility given to me and the contact I had with clients exceeded what would have been given had I worked at a larger accounting firm.  Tim is extremely understanding of a college student’s busy agenda and always made an effort to fit me into the work schedule.  He is very friendly and approachable and this shows in the climate of his business and staff.  I would definitely recommend an internship with Ness Tax and Bookkeeping to anyone interested in tax preparation.  The internship exceeded any expectations that I had and was a wonderful opportunity to apply my education outside the walls of the classroom.

    Maggie Kaffar (Class of 2010)
    My internship experience took place at Ness Tax and Bookkeeping in Sioux Falls, SD where I held the position of being a Tax Preparer Intern.  This internship consisted of preparing individual and small business tax returns and completing bookkeeping duties as needed.  During my internship I was able to become familiar with using tax return and bookkeeping software.  My internship experience introduced me to the different tax resources available for use when preparing tax returns.  I was able to learn things that could not have been taught in the classroom from my internship experience.  This experience allowed me to familiarize myself with the tax code and gave me a better understanding of what a career as a tax accountant would entail.  I am now able to feel confident in my career choice of becoming a Certified Public Accountant.

    Mona Yan (Class of 2009)
    My internship experience at Ness Tax was great. I started off the early tax season with several days of training on software use and one day of tax law update given by an IRS enrolled agent. This was great because it really helped me be prepared and be confident during the busy tax season to come. Once the tax season hit, I was assigned real responsibility instead of peripheral office duties. I prepared some simple, some more complex tax returns including 1040, 1120S, 1041, etc. When I had question, I was able to do research with handy reference books available in the office, or if I was unable to solve my question, other senior accountants were there to help me every time. I learned so much in my internship at Ness Tax that the tax law part of the CPA exam was a breeze.

    The office was located in a apartment complex just south of Sertoma Park. It was very nice and professional looking. The office environment was friendly, upbeat and supportive. And best of all, it was a paid internship. If you are thinking about doing an internship as part of your accounting degree, consider doing one with Ness Tax, it will offer you great experience that’s useful in both your future career and your CPA exam

    Jesse Jones (Class of 2009)
    In the spring of 2009 I completed my internship at Ness Tax and Bookkeeping.  Ness Tax is a small, locally owned business that provides income tax and bookkeeping services.  While working at Ness Tax, my main objective was to complete individual and partnership tax returns.  Because Ness Tax is a small business, I feel that I had more opportunities to interact with clients and to complete more difficult tax returns.  I was given the opportunity at Ness Tax and Bookkeeping to be responsible for my own clients.  I completed such tasks as contacting clients, making appointments, meeting with clients, and completing their tax return.  I gained experience with tax and bookkeeping software for accounting applications.  During the slower times of the tax season, I was able to complete bookkeeping tax for small business clients.  I definitely think that Ness Tax and Bookkeeping was a great learning experience.  I feel that I was given a lot more responsibilities at Ness Tax than if I worked at a larger accounting firm.

    Brenin Molden (Class of 2008)
    My internship with Ness Tax & Bookkeeping was a great experience.  I learned a lot about tax code and what all went into a tax return.  It gave me a good feel for how to prepare and convey the information on a tax return to individual clients.  It also is a great way to improve my communication with the public.  Ness Tax & Bookkeeping has two locations.  One is on the east side of Sioux Falls while the other is on the west.  The fact that the two are on different ends of the same town offers a great opportunity to work with a wide array of clients and their particular returns.  The internship also gave me a good idea on how crazy the tax season can be.  The “hands on” experience of actually sitting down with clients and preparing their tax returns is simply priceless.  For anyone interested in preparing taxes, I highly recommend an internship with Ness Tax & Bookkeeping.

    Sabrina Stoffer(Class of 2006)
    During the spring of 2006 I joined the staff of Ness Tax & Bookkeeping in Sioux Falls, SD. This internship experience allowed me to work closely with clients, gain valuable tax knowledge and gain a first-hand insight of what the tax season is like for a local preparer. Most of my time was spent on individual returns, but each customer's situation was different, which meant their return was unique as well. Training before the season started was important, but the staff at Ness Tax was a huge source of knowledge for me too. They took the time to get to know me, to challenge me, and assist me when I had struggles. I think anyone looking to see what tax preparation is like for small business and individuals would be well served by taking part in an internship with Ness Tax & Bookkeeping.

    Tatyana Degtyaryova (Class of 2005)
    Working at Ness Tax & Bookkeeping Service has been great. This internship experience provides you with the opportunity to take the knowledge you have gained inside the classroom and apply it to the real world. This internship allowed me to apply my accounting skills and also learn more about the work environment in the real world. I became familiar with the tax preparation software and learned how to prepare individual, corporate and partnership tax returns. I thoroughly enjoyed my internship experience at Ness Tax & Bookkeeping. The entire team did an excellent job of making me feel welcome and appreciated. They provided me with challenging and interesting work, encouraged me to work through my own solutions, and provided assistance and support when it was needed. I was surrounded by knowledgeable individuals who were always willing to answer my questions and provide guidance. Tim Ness made me feel appreciated by including me in many of the projects that were taking place and asking for my thoughts and input. With this experience, I obtained not only the practical knowledge and skills at work, but most importantly, the commitment and respectfulness to work. I could not have asked for a more pleasant experience.

    Tim Konda (Class of 2005)
    My internship with Ness Tax and Bookkeeping was awesome. I gained more knowledge and understanding about taxes during these three months than I could have ever anticipated. My supervisor was very flexible and was always willing to assist me in any way possible. The atmosphere of the office was fun and relaxing. I was able to ask questions without worry. I gained a complete understanding as to what a public accountant does by actually living the day to day grind. I encourage anyone who is considering going into the public accounting field to consider an internship with Ness Tax and Bookkeeping. Overall, this experience has allowed me to take all the tools I learned during classes and put it into real life situations. This was a very gratifying and exhilarating experience.

    Chad Goldammer (Class of 2004)
    If you are willing to learn on your own with some guidance and look forward to the challenges of having different things asked of you, then an internship at Ness Tax & Bookkeeping would be great for you. I was personally able to participate in a wide range of individual tax preparations, as well as some corporate and partnership preparation. Tim Ness is extremely helpful and allows you to learn as much as you possibly want to, while giving you a great working atmosphere. Tim Ness allows the intern to get as much as they can out of the experience by giving the intern as much responsibility as they feel that they can take on. I would definitely recommend an internship at Ness Tax & Bookkeeping.

    Krystal Erdmann (Class of 2003)
    My internship was completed at Ness Tax & Bookkeeping and provided me with an excellent learning experience. As an intern, I was involved with many different dimensions of the organization. I completed tax returns for a wide assortment of clients, worked on bookkeeping for various small businesses in the community, and was involvedwith various other aspects of the business. Because Ness Tax & Bookkeeping is a smaller organization, it really gave me an opportunity to see the whole business and not just a small picture. Everyone was very friendly and the atmosphere was fairly laid-back, which was nice. I felt like I was actually making a difference and not just taking up space. Internships provide an important gateway into life after college and provide for an excellent hands-on learning experience.

    Amy Healy (Class of 2003)
    Interning should be required of all graduates. It is a great opportunity to explore areas of interest before getting into the career. I was very fortunate to have interned at Ness Tax & Bookkeeping, and because I enjoyed the work so much, I asked to stay full-time. The bookkeeping and small business environment is right for me. I am very satisfied with choosing Ness Tax & Bookkeeping as an internship, because there were a variety of areas to explore there. I learned how to prepare taxes, became proficient in QuickBooks, worked as a customer service representative, and had the opportunity to perform managerial tasks. My last semester at Augustana was spent learning more on-site than I believe I ever could in a classroom.

    Doug Groebner (Class of 2003)
    My internship experience at Ness Tax and Bookkeeping was one that could not be emulated in a classroom. Tim Ness and his staff were very open and honest to me. They made me feel like I was part of the "team" right away. Internships are an opportunity to learn, experience and implement. This is the best type of experience that one can get before deciding on a career path. I recommend participating in as many internships as possible.

The Ness Team

    Timothy Ness:
    Former IRS Auditor, Enrolled Agent, MBA, QuickBooks ProAdvisor

    Mona Yan, CPA:
    Has Master's Degree in Professional Accountancy from University of South Dakota. Excels at research and working independently, Mona has distinguished herself as one of the most knowledgeable and friendly members of the Ness team. She is a QuickBooks Pro Advisor and deals with our most complex accounting clients..

    Gary Forsch:
    Has more than 15 years of tax preparation experience and specializes in farm and small business returns. Friendly and trustworthy, he is one of our most requested preparers.

    Olivia Hansen:
    Smart and personable, she is one of our most experienced team members. Olivia has Master's Degree in Professional Accountancy from University of South Dakota, and she is CPA eligible.

    Jennifer Andersen:
    Has Bachelor's Degree in Accounting from Augustana College, and is currently sitting for the CPA exams.

    Vanessa Rivera:
    Has Associates Degree in Accounting, Associates Degree in Business Administration, Associates Degree in Human Resource Management, Associates Degree in Management, and Associates Degree in Entrepreneurship.

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