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  • Businesses (1065 - Partnerships, 1120- Corporate, and 1120S - S-corporation) - whether you have a small home office, are an owner of a corporation, or a partner in a partnership, Ness Tax can prepare your annual business tax return. We enjoy helping small to medium sized businesses and want you to pay your fair share – but nothing more. We can help find those missing deductions that save you money. Sole Proprietors, Single Member LLCs are filed on Schedule C within Individual Form 1040, click here.

  • Non-Profit Organizations (990) - Did you know more than 275,000 organizations lost their non-profit status in one year because they didn’t file these informational returns? Don’t be a statistic! Let Ness Tax help you with your Form 990 so you can keep doing the good work from which so many benefit.

  • Estates and Trusts (1041) - With the passing of a loved one or with the creation of a trust, informational reports need to be filed with the Internal Revenue Service. These returns are often complex. Remember, we are here to help you during these trying and/or complicated times.​​

  • Payroll Tax Returns (941, 940, W-2s, State Withholding, State Unemployment). Failure to properly prepare and file these returns can bring substantial penalties from IRS and state agencies. Ness Tax can help you stay compliant by filing these employment returns timely and accurately.

  • Sales and Excise Tax Returns. The SD V. Wayfair decision has made the area of sales tax compliance more complicated than ever. At Ness Tax & Bookkeeping, we stay on top of the newest state sales tax laws and rates to keep you in compliance and proactively plan for future growth.

  • State Income Tax - Ness Tax can prepare and file tax returns for all states. We can prepare your tax returns no matter where your business is located. If your business is outside of the Sioux Falls area, we can help you using fax, secure e-mail, or other technology to prepare your federal and state tax returns.

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