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Thank you, we look forward to seeing you!

Please consider bringing the following items to your tax appointment:

  • ID

  • Dependents names, DOB, SSNs

  • Child care expenses and provider information

  • W-2s

  • Pension, retirement income 1099-Rs

  • Social security income SSA-1099

  • Interest and dividends income 1099-INT, 1099-DIVs

  • Sales of stock and bonds 1099-B

  • College tuition statement 1098-T

  • Student loan interest 1098-E

  • Health Savings Account Distribution 1099-SA

  • Medical expense, mortgage interest statement Form 1098, property tax, charitable donation

  • Business income and deductions

  • Gambling winnings W-2 G

  • Prior year tax return

  • Direct deposit bank routing & account number

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If you need to make a change or cancel the appointment, please follow instructions in the confirmation email.

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